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Family vacation to Bali with three small kids!

Written by Lars Zachariassen, husband and father of three boys. We were two. Loving, adventurous and joyful. Backpacked through Asia, Europe, crossed America and Austraia - dreamed of Africa. Alone on a white beach under the stars she said yes. We married young, 23 and 24 years old. Love and adventure results in well-known consequences. Three years later we were suddenly five. Then came everyday life. The family bubble was nice. New perspective on life - amounts of love. And chaos! Let's just say that it's never boring with three boys in the house. But the adventures were no longer on other continents, now it was on the living room floor, in the garden and around our neighborhood. The whole family-bubble exploded. Mom and dad needed to be more than just mom and dad! We started quietly and safely. Czech Republic, Spain, Denmark. Not to forget your own country. We learned a little for each trip, and last summer it was time to take the next step. The holiday piggy bank had received monthly contributions from our salaries, and also all Christmas and birthday donations were jammed into it. In the end it was just fat enough to cover 3 weeks in Bali. No one looked more forward than our boys! 34 hours travel time and some jet lag. Suddenly, Bali was at our feet ... We rented a private villa with pool. Our little monkeys could have been swimming here continually over three weeks, but Bali is more than a pool. We had to explore! And that's when MiniMeis really comes in handy. It was a coincidence that we discovered MiniMeis. Strollers are often inconvenient, especially in large crowds or where the surface is rough and bumpy. Besides, the kids see little of the world from a frog’s perspective. Our baby backpack carrier was used frequently, but it's big and inconvenient to bring along, especially when we needed two. After getting comfortable with MiniMeis, it has been used weekly. In the shop, during dinner preparations, vacuuming, to and from kindergarten and city touring. For holidays it's our toddler-gear tip number one! Three weeks in Bali – so many experiences. The people, the culture, the music, the arts, the beaches, the cities, the sea, the islands, the animals, the cliffs, the volcanoes, surfing - everything. Varying between the children and our premises. Bali has been explored walking, cycling and from our shoulders in MiniMeis. Litter-picking!

Ulluwatu tempel

All the time, they want to get up high to see. Here it is also easier to talk with mom and dad, it is safe, and our hands are free at all times. It's a big advantage when taking pictures, carrying souvenirs or we adults just want to hold hands :) And when MiniMeis is not in use, it takes up little space and is easy to carry.

Some people believe life ends when children come to the world - others believe it is when it begins. The truth is that life is both before and after, but often with different content and from different perspectives. All I know is that I have never been on a finer and more exciting holiday than this summer. Maybe not so strange with this travel company! With love from Bali by Lars Zachariassen! See more from this daddy on his funny and inspirational blog or Instagram See more travel posts on our page here !