Kids carrier backpack - Perfect for hiking

Do you have a MiniMeis child carrier, but do you feel a need for some storage space? Not to worry, MiniMeis has designed the perfect kid carrier backpack!

A child carrier is a great way to go on adventures with your little ones or run errands. We pride ourselves in the hands-free carrying solution. However, when you have a toddler, you need to bring necessities with you such as extra clothes, diapers, snacks, and more.
Carrying a bag diminishes the benefit of hands-free carrying, so you start looking for a backpack that offers plenty of storage space and perfectly fits on your back with your MiniMeis carrier. Look no further, we have designed the best kid carrier backpack that seamlessly fits with your child carrier.

Kids carrier backpack - Perfect for hiking

As a parent, you prefer to take your kids out and about so they can experience new things. You want to go on adventures and take your baby, toddler, or kid with you so they can see the world with their own eyes. With a kids carrier, you can bring your little one with you wherever you go. It’s safe, and practical, and brings you closer to your child.

With a kid carrier, you can maneuver quickly and easily through busy streets, while your kid can oversee everything. Because a carrier can be adjusted, all family members (and maybe even friends) can use it.
In contrast to ring slings and wrap carriers, the carrier has minimal impact on the posture of the parent. Several other benefits of the carrier loved by parents are:

  • Made to create big childhood memories
  • The best view for kids
  • Carry babies and children in a natural posture with plenty of lumbar support
  • Secure fit with side paneling
  • Practical in use: it’s foldable like a laptop
  • For babies, toddlers, and kids from 6 months to 5 years

The kid carrier backpack was created

The kid carrier backpack was created when the founders of the MiniMeis realized parents had a need for storage space whilst on the go.

Parents expressed they needed to pack the necessities for their baby or child when they head out for the day. This meant they had to take a bag with them which often caused them to not reap the benefits of the hands-free carrier.
Although parents used their own old backpacks, these were not comfortable to use with the MiniMeis child carrier. The shoulder straps were uncomfortable over the MiniMeis carrier straps and caused restriction in movement.
The creators of MiniMeis answered their prayers with a backpack that perfectly fits with the already-created MiniMeis child carrier. This backpack has a number of benefits:

  • Hands-free carrying
  • Fitted perfectly with the child carrier
  • Doesn't slide off your shoulders
  • Available in the same colors as the carrier

The kid carrier backpack features

If you've made it this far you are probably interested in finding out a little more about the features the MiniMeis backpack offers.

Parents all over the world have reviewed the backpack. They have listed the features that set the MiniMeis backpack apart from other backpacks. These ensure optimal quality and ease during your day trips. Read about their favorite features below:

Storage space

The backpack offers an enormous 28L storage space. This is enough to fit a picnic blanket, snacks, a change of clothes, water, and much more! There is no need to bring multiple bags along. This size really does fit all!

Fits your folded MiniMeis carrier

Did you know that you can easily fold your MiniMeis carrier up when you don't use it? There is no need to awkwardly carry it around with you as it easily fits into your MiniMeis backpack. Even with the carrier securely stored in your backpack, you still have easy access to all your necessities.

Smooth design

The MiniMeis carrier offers a design that fits the styles of all men and women. It offers a variety of colors that perfectly fit with the design of the MiniMeis child carrier.

The outside of the backpack is smooth, without many extra pockets on the exterior which could put you at risk of pickpockets. After all, you can't see what happens behind you with your little one on your shoulders. For that reason, the main pockets of the MiniMeis backpack are on the inside.

Access on the go

You may be thinking: how do I access my belongings in the backpack with my child on my shoulders? Taking your MiniMeis backpack off completely may be too complicated to quickly get to your kid's favorite toy.

To get easy access to the MiniMeis carrier backpack while you’re on the go, simply detach one of the two hooks which attaches the backpack to the MiniMeis carrier, and swing the backpack around.
You can then easily reach inside and get to your belongings without taking the backpack or carrier off completely. The quick and easy way to keep both child and parent happy during their day trips!

The MiniMeis is developed by passionate fathers

The kid carrier backpack of MiniMeis is developed by fathers with a big passion for product design. We have tested our kids carrier backpack for five years and are happy to say that we have created the best possible product for the whole family.

Our kids carrier backpack offers you and your baby, toddler or kid a comfortable experience. Have them explore the world on top of your shoulders whilst plenty of storage space. It’s safe, practical and above all, it’s fun.

Kids carrier backpack use: hiking

Our kid carrier can be used every day. It leaves your hands free and your child can look around and discover new things every second. These advantages make a kid carrier ideal for active parents.

Most kids aren’t able to go for a long walk before they are at least five or six years old. Carry your kid in a hiking baby carrier, and you can start walking or hiking together from the age of 6 months old.

A kid's hiking carrier ensures kids sit in a natural position, with plenty of head support while still being able to look around on your day hike. Perfect for children who don’t want to sit and sleep in a stroller.

Kid carrier backpack use: city trip

Another great use for your child carrier backpack is a city trip. Cities are fun to explore, but can often be hectic and busy. With that many people around, you want to keep your little one close to you.

But whilst exploring the streets of a brand-new town, it also helps if you have your hands free. For example when buying a metro ticket, or when enjoying a takeaway coffee.

This is when the MiniMeis carrier and the MiniMeis carrier backpack can help you out. Thanks to good design going up or down the stairs with your kids is an easy task and even public transport is not much of a problem anymore. A kid carrier gives you the freedom to move around effortlessly.
Your child sits comfortably on your shoulders, whilst all your valuables and necessities are safely packed away in your backpack. Name a better combination!

Kid carrier backpack use: shopping

Heading out to do the weekly shop? Holding either your child or several bags can make the experience feel stressful. But what if you could carry your child on your shoulders, and your belongings in your carrier backpack? That would mean you had your hands free to choose the type of milk you like or to decide on the ingredients for that new recipe you want to try out.

Fast forward to the cash register. Easily get hold of your wallet and complete the payment without struggling to find ways to keep your child near. Join the countless moms and dads that love this new, easy, and stress-free way of doing their shopping.


Do you feel the MiniMeis child carrier could benefit you? Or do you already use the MiniMeis and are you in need of a kid carrier backpack that perfectly fits? Then take a look at our available products.

The backpack has helped countless parents all around the globe to enjoy more quality time with their young family. Whether you are hiking the glaciers in Norway, exploring the city streets of New York, or checking out the monkeys in Bali. MiniMeis is right there with you, every step of the way.



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